SCFFLD: Android view controllers Many core Android APIs can be challenging to use, with poorly designed implementations which reflect competing or unclear design goals. Often, Android APIs put too much cognitive load on the developer, exposing them to low level details which could (and... Read more

Object-relational data on A particularly powerful feature of Locomote is the ability to publish not just files, but also relational data which can be replicated to a relational database on the client and then made available for offline querying. The main purpose of... Read more

Content driven apps using SCFFLD One of the major design goals of SCFFLD has been to facilitate content driven apps. A content driven app is an app whose user interface and navigation structure is defined by the content being presented. It implies a dynamic UI... Read more

Content access control in provides a flexible, extensible access control mechanism (ACM) which allows fine-grained access to the contents of a Locomote repository which can be controlled at the file level, or can even be configured to filter a file’s contents according to... Read more